Student Activity Program

The Student Activity Program gives concrete expressions to all the knowledge, values, and skills learned in the classroom and/or virtual classroom. Its scope covers all the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the students. It is designed to meet the spiritual, social, emotional, aesthetic, intellectual, moral, and physical needs of the students in this New Normal. Its importance is seen in the establishment/acquisition of community resources.

The Student Activity Program, in this time of New Normal, continues to provide avenues for the student to:

Youth Groups and Student Organizations

The school recognizes the importance of developing creative and responsible leaders who will eventually assume leadership in their chosen organization. For this purpose, it seeks to encourage the formation of student groups who pursue clearly established common objectives set up along social, cultural, religious, educational, or recreational lines.

Youth Groups are categorized according to the following:

In the mind of Don Bosco, religious youth groups are organized for the smooth running of the house. These groups help in establishing an educational and evangelizing system rich in spiritual, moral, physical, social, intellectual, and emotional values.

Being a school, the giftedness in the academic and technical fields of the students must also be enhanced. We cannot overlook the human, academic, and technical advancement of the students.

Students with other interests may join other youth groups aside from the religious or non-religious youth groups to maximize their giftedness and abilities for the service of the community.

Auxilium Sodality

Juventus Sodality

Knights of the Altar

Savio Friends Club

Bosconian Bicycle Club

Bosconian Dance Troupe

Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Don Bosco Culture and Theatre Arts Club

Dream at 9 Choir



Litratista de Bosco

Library Club

Liturgical Dance Club

Math Club

Music Ministry

Officiating Club

Performing Arts Club

Science Club

Socio-Cultural Club

Technical Designers Club



SFX Club


"What is your response to this mission given to us by God?"

Marked Provincial Superior of the Philippines - North Province (FIN) Rev. Fr. Gerardo Martin, SDB, in his Homily during the  Salesian Youth Animators and Leaders Assembly (SYALA) 2023, September 30.

Anchored with the theme "Together, We Step Up", the SYALA took place at Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) Mandaluyong where talks, activities and elections were held to celebrate youth serving youth.

In line with this, 8 out of 91 delegates from Don Bosco Tarlac were elected as officers of their youth groups:

Zatti Friends

• President: Shane Margarette Galindo from 12-Solaroli

• Vice President: Nathaniel Fajardo from 10-Ricaldone

• Secretary: Charissa Paras from 12-Solaroli

• Treasurer: Andrei Jacob Arcilla from 11-Cogliandro

Interest Group

• President and Coordinator for Sports and Hobbies: Noreen Jade Fernandez from 12-Quaranta

• Secretary for Academic and Technical: Isaiah Gabriel Bumanlag from 9-Rinaldi 


• President: Aaron John de Leon from 11-Baggio

• Secretary: Francis James Mendoza from 10-Albrera

• Treasurer: Vieben Gabriel Gonzales from 10-Albrera

The event ended with a Eucharistic Celebration attended by all 22 Don Bosco Settings of FIN.


Report by Jaina Julia Reign B. Bernardo

Photos by Errol Arvy T. Salamatin, & Lourice Gabriell Obiena


Moncada, Tarlac - September 24, 2023

In a commendable effort to bolster their leadership abilities and community involvement, elementary teachers from the Don Bosco Technical Institute recently participated in a Basic Training Course for Scout Leaders. The three-day program, which took place from September 22 to 24, 2023, was hosted at the Moncada North Central Elementary School and organized by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines - Tarlac Council.

The event brought together a group of dedicated educators from Don Bosco Technical Institute, who ventured to expand their skill set by delving into the world of scouting leadership. This comprehensive training course provided them with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to become effective scout leaders, fostering character development, camaraderie, and the spirit of service among the youth.

Throughout the course, participants engaged in a variety of interactive and educational activities, including first-aid training, knot-tying techniques, outdoor survival skills, and team-building exercises. These hands-on experiences not only equipped them with practical skills but also instilled the values of discipline and responsibility – values that are integral to the scouting movement.

The collaboration between Don Bosco Technical Institute and the Boy Scouts of the Philippines - Tarlac Council exemplifies the commitment of both organizations to nurture young minds and encourage the development of responsible, ethical, and civic-minded individuals.

As the participants return to their roles as elementary school teachers, they are expected to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired during the training into their curriculum, fostering leadership and character development among their students. This collaborative effort between educational institutions and scouting organizations serves as a shining example of how educators are continually working to provide a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms.

The Basic Training Course for Scout Leaders has not only enriched the lives of the teachers at Don Bosco Technical Institute but also promises to make a lasting impact on the students they mentor, creating a brighter future for the community of Moncada, Tarlac, and beyond.

Participants in the training are the following: 

1. Ace Mark Esguerra;

2. Nor Len Salmasan;

3. Andrea Paladan;

4. Ronnielyn Castro;

5. Jhalen Cerbito; and,

6. Eapril Lhyne Lumatao.