The Council of Work (COW) is the central organism which animates and coordinates the whole apostolic work in a salesian setting through reflection, dialogue and the programming and revision of the educative and pastoral activity. Members of the COW animate by virtue of their administrative positions. They coordinate by virtue of their collegial action.

Fr. Edwin L. Ulanday, SDB

Fr. Ian O. Rosal, SDB

Rev. Daniel Gonzales, SDB

Fr. Jose Isidro S. Torres, SDB

Fr. Ben Hur G. Borja

Mrs. Therese Angela M. Caldez,  PHD, RGC, CMHFA

Mr. Ryan D. Gonzales

Mrs. Erlinda D. Aquino

Mrs. Mary Aileen De Guzman

 Mrs. Glenda I. Marcelo

 Mrs. Rochelle D. Custodio

Ms. Alicia S. Solano