Having accomplished feats previously thought to be far from reach, Don Bosco Tarlac’s Editorial Team saw great success during the previous school year, managing to nab numerous accolades with our talented roster of journalists, from the District to Regional Press Conference levels, and most notably, being crowned as the best SHS School paper Publication in the entirety of Region III - an incredible accomplishment that spoke volumes of how much work we put into our craft, and one that we would cherish greatly.

Staying true to the Bosconian saying of “doing your duties extraordinarily well” however, our team of already skilled writers and teachers knew in their hearts that there was still room for improvement, that our pens could still be sharpened, and that the only constraints bounding us from greater heights were placed by none other than ourselves. 

So alas, with our spirits remaining strongly kindled, hopes growing ever higher, and with determination unyielding - it was only a short matter of time before we would find ourselves taking the next big step in our journey of bringing the Bosconian name to the level of recognition and prestigiousness that it rightfully deserves.

Now, we introduce to you one of the products of our bid for National journalistic glory,  THE BOSCONIAN’S OFFICIAL WEBPAGE!

Tying into this school year’s theme of WANDERLAST: A TRIP TO GREATER HEIGHTS, this page not only serves as a testament to our endless passion for writing with integrity and truth, but also shows that, if ever we reach the highs and skies that we have longed for, we will make sure that no Bosconian is left behind - a vow we will uphold with each and every post we make on this page, covering everything Bosconian.

Like a true news publication, everyone can chime into this page for all of their informational needs - from recaps and highlights of past events, real-time updates and coverage of ongoing programs, to thought-provoking editorials, insightful science articles, and stories deserving of a feature - The Bosconian’s Facebook Page has everything covered.

Let us take back our place in the stars, and go to where the skies end, everyone!

Bringing the best out of every Bosconian, one word, one dream, at a time.