Having accomplished feats previously thought to be far from reach, Don Bosco Tarlac’s Editorial Team saw great success during the previous school year, managing to nab numerous accolades with our talented roster of journalists, from the District to Regional Press Conference levels, and most notably, being crowned as the best SHS School paper Publication in the entirety of Region III - an incredible accomplishment that spoke volumes of how much work we put into our craft, and one that we would cherish greatly.

Staying true to the Bosconian saying of “doing your duties extraordinarily well” however, our team of already skilled writers and teachers knew in their hearts that there was still room for improvement, that our pens could still be sharpened, and that the only constraints bounding us from greater heights were placed by none other than ourselves. 

So alas, with our spirits remaining strongly kindled, hopes growing ever higher, and with determination unyielding - it was only a short matter of time before we would find ourselves taking the next big step in our journey of bringing the Bosconian name to the level of recognition and prestigiousness that it rightfully deserves.

Now, we introduce to you one of the products of our bid for National journalistic glory,  THE BOSCONIAN’S OFFICIAL WEBPAGE!

Tying into this school year’s theme of WANDERLAST: A TRIP TO GREATER HEIGHTS, this page not only serves as a testament to our endless passion for writing with integrity and truth, but also shows that, if ever we reach the highs and skies that we have longed for, we will make sure that no Bosconian is left behind - a vow we will uphold with each and every post we make on this page, covering everything Bosconian.

Like a true news publication, everyone can chime into this page for all of their informational needs - from recaps and highlights of past events, real-time updates and coverage of ongoing programs, to thought-provoking editorials, insightful science articles, and stories deserving of a feature - The Bosconian’s Facebook Page has everything covered.

Let us take back our place in the stars, and go to where the skies end, everyone!

Bringing the best out of every Bosconian, one word, one dream, at a time.


Delegates from Don Bosco Tarlac were present together with other Don Bosco settings at the 12th Live Pure Conference at the Ynares Sports Arena on October 14.

With the theme "Made Good", this year's Live Pure Conference focused on the good of sexuality through chastity.

"We want to remind young people about the beauty of our sexuality or the authentic manhood and womanhood," stated Live Pure National Coordinator Mr. Jam Michaelson.

Said conference began with a holy rosary led by Theodosia Kyla Barrozo and Carl Janzhen Malihan of DB-Tarlac, followed by the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Juvrlan Samia, SBD, with Fr. Jose Isidro Torres, SDB.

After various talks by multiple invited speakers, the festivities ended with a concert from Universal Records' Issa Rodriguez and 4-piece indie alternative-folk band the Ridley's.

"I have been part of the Live Pure for more than four years. I have been serving different communities for this conference, but this is the first time that God has allowed me to be the speaker, and it was really memorable because I got to share my personal stories, and I also get to experience yung joy ng mga kabataan as I give the session," main session speaker Jhoie Cerdon commented.


Report by: Errol Arvy T. Salamatin and Jaina Julia Reign B. Bernardo

Photos by: Errol Arvy T. Salamatin and Lourice Gabriel Obiena


In partnership with Red Cross Tarlac City, the Don Bosco Tarlac Past Pupils Association (DBTPPA) organized the "Dugong Busko Blood Donation Drive" with 34 Bosconians, 8 Lay Mission Partners (LaMPS), 5 Maintenance Staff, 3 parents, and alumni being donors in this event, October 7, at the Glowicki Hall, Don Bosco Tarlac. 

The event aimed to assist people in need, providing the participants with opportunity to donate blood, with the potential of saving lives.

"Don Bosco Tarlac has always been about instilling values of compassion and community service in our Bosconians. Today's event exemplifies those values as we come together to make a difference in the lives of others', Engr. Mico David of DBTPPA said, as he emphasized on the true spirit of Don Bosco where individuals unite with a shared purpose and compassion, reflecting the importance of such charitable activities.

Attendees were encouraged to spread the message and invite others to participate, contributing to the initiative's success.

The diverse range of participants in the "Dugong Busko Blood Donation Drive" underscored the collective effort required to ensure a steady supply of blood for those in need. 


Photos by Gianni Vittorio Gabriel & Christian Andrei Feliciano.


In line with the celebration of this year’s LIKSAYAWIT, the Oral Communication teachers, together with the Languages and Research Area of the Senior High School Department held a speech choir competition for the Grade 11 students on October 9, 2023, at the Fr. William Balocco Gymnasium.

Each participating class was given a speech choir piece titled "1896 (Cry Freedom) to perform as part of their performance task in their Oral Communication in Context subject.

Subject Area Heads of the Senior High School Department were the competition’s set of judges, namely Mrs. Maria Fe Domondon of the Math-Tech Area, Ms. Krissa Marie Medina of the Humanities and Social Sciences Area, and Ms. Jess Rhoda Tayag of the Languages and Research Area.

The event was hosted by Ms. Georgia Samantha Ventura from 11-Baggio, Mr. Christopher Ivann Nunag from 11-Braga, Mr. Sean Anton Marco Binuya from 11-Ferrari, and Mr. Prince Angelo Ferrer from 11-Rutkowski. 

Concluding the event was the announcement of winners during the morning assembly the following day.

In line with this, three sections came out at the top successfully:


• First Place: 11-Rutkowski

• Second Place: 11-Ferrari

• Third Place: 11-Rossi

Oral communication teachers Mr. Royce Jayson Ligsay, Mr. Jose Carlo Angelo Espinosa, and Ms. Vhernadette Lynne Subaran provided essential mentorship to the students, assisting them in their preparations for the said competition.


Report by Errol Arvy Salamatin

Photos by Errol Arvy Salamatin, Lourice Gabriell Obiena, & John Andrei Terrado


In celebration of the 2nd LIKSAYAWIT Competition, the Physical Education and Health Teachers of the Senior High School Sciences Department held various competitions such as Festivlast: Global Grooves and Culinary Delights at the Fr. William Balocco Gymnasium, October 9.

As grade 12 sections honored their designated nations through festival dance performances, the grade 11 sections demonstrated their culinary skills by preparing traditional dishes from the countries assigned to them, thereby enhancing the educational dimension of the event.

Hosting the event were Ms. Lourice Gabriell Obiena from 12-Vicuña, Mr. Jamester Oscar Dela Cruz, Ms. Jamine Antoinette Tabamo from 12-Boscariol, and Mr. John Lesseter Manlutac from 12-Glowicki.

The judging panel for Global Grooves included Mrs. Rocel Banting-Arguelles, Mr. Karl Guillermo, and guest judge, Mr. Darwin Lising.

Mr. Royce Jayson Ligsay, Mrs. Erin Faye Baun, Ms. Carina Reganit, and Ms. Jesa Mari Salonga were the set of judges for the Culinary Delights.

The winners were announced the following day's morning assembly, with three sections each category achieving victory:


 • First Place, Best in Costume: 12-Quaranta (USA)

 • Second Place, Best in Props: 12-Schwarz (Thailand)

 • Third Place: 12-Orsolin (Egypt)


• First Place: Group 5, 11-Ferrari (India)

• Second Place: Group 2, 11 - Cogliandro (Italy)

• Third Place: Group 3, 11 - Candusso (France)


Report by Errol Arvy T. Salamatin

Photos by Errol Arvy T. Salamatin and John Andrei Terrado


"What is your response to this mission given to us by God?"

Marked Provincial Superior of the Philippines - North Province (FIN) Rev. Fr. Gerardo Martin, SDB, in his Homily during the  Salesian Youth Animators and Leaders Assembly (SYALA) 2023, September 30.

Anchored with the theme "Together, We Step Up", the SYALA took place at Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) Mandaluyong where talks, activities and elections were held to celebrate youth serving youth.

In line with this, 8 out of 91 delegates from Don Bosco Tarlac were elected as officers of their youth groups:

Zatti Friends

• President: Shane Margarette Galindo from 12-Solaroli

• Vice President: Nathaniel Fajardo from 10-Ricaldone

• Secretary: Charissa Paras from 12-Solaroli

• Treasurer: Andrei Jacob Arcilla from 11-Cogliandro

Interest Group

• President and Coordinator for Sports and Hobbies: Noreen Jade Fernandez from 12-Quaranta

• Secretary for Academic and Technical: Isaiah Gabriel Bumanlag from 9-Rinaldi 


• President: Aaron John de Leon from 11-Baggio

• Secretary: Francis James Mendoza from 10-Albrera

• Treasurer: Vieben Gabriel Gonzales from 10-Albrera

The event ended with a Eucharistic Celebration attended by all 22 Don Bosco Settings of FIN.


Report by Jaina Julia Reign B. Bernardo

Photos by Errol Arvy T. Salamatin, & Lourice Gabriell Obiena


"Sabi nga nila: Hurt people hurt people."

Quoted grade 12 student speaker Niño Luis Zablan in his anti-bullying talk during the "Let Us Fight Bullying" campaign seminar held at the De Sales Auditorium, in the morning of September 27.

Said talk was arranged by the Guidance and Testing Office (GTO) of Don Bosco Tarlac to encourage and foster student's inclusivity, kindness and belongingness whilst promoting youth empowerment by helping Bosconians share and voice out their beliefs and experiences to their own peers.

Different topics tackled in the discussion include "The Problem of Bullying Starts and Ends with Us" by Shane Margarette Galindo and Niño Luis Zablan, "Smart Ideas about Standing Up for Yourself" by Francesca Mari Clemente and Errol Arvy Salamatin, "Standing Up for Others: Taking the Courageous Choice" by Noreen Jade Fernandez and Elisha Nestle Relucio, and "Empowering Bosconians Against Bullying" by Crislyn Shelou Garcia and Lalaine Ann Lagasca.


Report by Jaina Julia Reign B. Bernardo

Photos by Errol Arvy T. Salamatin & Lexus B. Lagade


Amidst the power outage crisis at Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac on September 14, volunteers from diverse backgrounds united in an outreach program "Project Handog and Project Hapag: Service Empowerment through Community Development".

Said event was held at Sta. Ines East Elementary School (SIEES) where about 300 students, some accompanied by parents, were present despite the school and local government’s class suspension announcement.

Students from kindergarten and primary level were given sets of school supplies donated by the Senior High School (SHS) department of Don Bosco Tarlac, during the school’s celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, September 8.

The mentioned program was spearheaded by the Vessels of Humanity (VOH), assisted by the Lay Mission Partners, headed by the Pastoral Affairs and Community Development Office, selected senior high school Bosconians and other volunteers from Tarlac State University and Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant.


Report by Jaina Julia Reign B. Bernardo

Photos by Errol Arvy T. Salamatin


With the commencement of the new academic year, parents of the Senior High School students attended the annual Parents' General Assembly held at the Fr. William Balocco Gymnasium last September 16, 2023.

The event drew the participation of more than 400 parents, commencing with a Eucharistic Celebration and followed by a sequence of orientations and presentations which included the Rector/Principal's Time, Academic Orientation, Pastoral Presentation, Academic Affairs Presentation, Student Affairs Presentation, Past Pupils' Association Updates, and the Parents Council Report.

Homeroom elections and orientation sessions were also conducted, allowing advisers to reiterate school policies and upcoming events to the parents.

The event concluded with the election of the Parents Council Executive Officers and Level Representatives, with Mr. Emmanuel Espinosa being the newly-elected Parents Council President.


Report by Crislyn Shelou Q. Garcia

Photos by Errol Arvy T. Salamatin


Jumpstarting school year 2023-2024 was a week-long welcoming and orientation for the incoming Grade 11 and 12 Bosconians, moderated by the Senior High School Student Council on August 22 and 23, 2023.

The event commenced on its first day with a welcoming parade and program followed by a series of orientation sessions from different offices. These included the Classroom Orientation, Guidance and Testing Office  (GTO) Orientation,  Pastoral Orientation, and a thorough discussion on the school's policy and guidelines care of the Senior High School Department's Prefect of Discipline, Mr. Royce Jayson R. Ligsay.

Activities such as Amazing Race, Vlog-Making Competition, and Bench Yell Competition were hosted by the Senior High School Student Council and Auxiliary group on the second day of the event.

The remaining two days of the orientation week were dedicated for subject orientations, where the Bosconians and their subject teachers had their getting-to-know activities and course introductions.


Reported by John Vincent Licay

Photos by Arvy Errol T. Salamatin & Lourice Gabriell Obiena


In anticipation of the Academic Year 2024-2025, Grade 12 students of Don Bosco Tarlac engaged in a University Admission Talk led by the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Office of Admissions and Aid facilitated by the Don Bosco Tarlac Guidance and Testing Office (GTO), September 25.

Over 400 graduating Bosconians gathered at the Fr. William Balocco Gymnasium to tune in as Mr. Jerome Valdez, Scholarship Officer at ADMU, gives an hourlong talk on the institution's offers and goals.

ADMU Scholarship Registration will be available until October 13. Meanwhile, Admissions for the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) is due until October 06. The provincial ACET will be held at Don Bosco Mabalacat, Pampanga, in November.


Report by: Jaina Julia Reign B. Bernardo

Photos by: Errol Arvy T. Salamatin