STEP 1: Submission of Requirements

For NEW STUDENTS and TRANSFEREES, visit the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE to submit the original 4th Quarter report card.

For INCOMING Grade 7, Grade 11 students, and TRANSFEREE Grade 8-10 students applying for Government Subsidy, submit requirements to the PEAC IN-CHARGE. See the guide to applying for government subsidies and grants.

For CURRENT Nursery, Kinder, Grade 1-5, Grade 7-9, and Grade 11 students: you may skip this part and proceed to the next step.

STEP 2: Online Enrollment

You may do this at home or, should you need assistance, in school.

For those doing it at home, go to DB PORTAL.

For those doing it at school, proceed to the HS COMPUTER LAB for your ONLINE ENROLLMENT on the DB PORTAL.

For current students with existing balance from last school year, the Online Enrollment in the DB PORTAL will be restricted. Call our hotline number (0919 069 7742) to verify your existing balance. You need to pay the said balance prior to proceeding to the ONLINE ENROLLMENT. 

STEP 3: Payment

There are 2 payment options:


Through GCASH or Bank Transfer, open your account and go to TRANSFER then select UNIONBANK. Enter the following details: Amount you wish to pay; Account Name (Don Bosco Technical Institute Tarlac, INC); and, Account Number (0026-4000-6510). Take a screenshot of your successful transaction and email it to dbtarlac@one-bosco.org with the full name and section of your child/ren as the SUBJECT. You may pay multiple accounts in a single transaction. Receipts will be available for pick up at the cashier in 3 working days.

ON-SITE PAYMENT - present your on-site payment appointment to the HELP DESK for verification. Present your reservation receipt to the CASHIER so they can deduct it from your fees. Pay the fee based on your preferred mode of payment: Full; Semestral; Quarterly; or Monthly.

Once your payment is verified and the documents are complete, you will receive an email confirming your successful enrollment.


For the school uniform, we will be using the DB PE Shirt for this coming School Year. Details are available here. You may pre-order online or onsite. Sizes may also be checked at the Help Desk or School Supplies but fitting is not allowed.

For books, only Nursey and Kinder students will be asked to purchase for this coming School Year. Tentative prices are as follows: Nursey - PHP. 3,040.00; and, Kinder - PHP. 3,300.00. Order and payments will be accepted starting August 22, 2022. 


Aside from over-the-counter payments, we have the following online options:

For queries, assistance and other enrollment related concerns:

Log-In Credentials, Forgot Email, Payment Online Error, Outstanding Balance, Payment Due Date Extension (PN), Inputting OR Number to DB Portal, Books (Nursery and Kinder only)


For the following queries, you may email us directly:

Office Hours: