Don Bosco Technical Institute - Tarlac Inc. is a Catholic school. It believes that man's ultimate goal is his/her eternal salvation. Saint John Bosco, the founding father of the Salesian Congregation, vehemently opined to this community, "we have chosen the best thing in this world: to save souls". The primary concern of every Don Bosco School is bringing souls to God.

This school has been named after St. John Bosco whom the Church had proclaimed Father and Teacher of the Young. He himself said, "1 have promised God that I would spend myself to my last breath for my boys". And this he did. He dedicated his whole life to molding growing boys and young men into Good Christians and Honest Citizens. To continue his work, he founded a religious society of priests and brothers - the Salesians of Don Bosco or the SDB.

Don Bosco Technical Institute Tarlac, Inc. is made up of the Educative Pastoral Community (EPC). Its main components are the Salesians, the lay collaborators (teaching and non-teaching personnel) the parents, the students, the collaborators, and the alumni. It is animated by the Salesians spirit (Family Spirit) or the spirit of Don Bosco. The Salesian Spirit gives to the institution its lifestyle and its ways of doing things that are unique and can only be observed among the Salesian schools. One element is the Family Spirit. It can be seen in the healthy familiarity and confidence that mark the relationship within the EPC. Being an educational institution, DBTI - Tarlac Inc. together with all Salesian schools has a system of education called the Preventive System as embodied in its mission statement. This system rests on the pillars of religion, reason, and loving-kindness.

Guided by the vision-mission statement, goals, objective, and core values this institute is committed to moving forward and continuing to fill the niche of its essential purpose of providing the youth with quality education guided by service or vocation, faith or vision, self-actualization, growth, or fullness of life, and community.

With the development of the community as its vision Don Bosco Technical Institute Tarlac, Inc. through the Don Bosco Youth Center (DBYC) is looking for ways in which it might be able to assist and help develop human resources that would support the community. The institution decided that supporting the education of the poor would be to the benefit of the community in the future. That is why the institution decided to put up a scholarship program, the DBYC scholarship program. The program is designed to support the poor, marginalized but intelligent, and deserving students within the community of Tarlac Province.

The program is intended to support deserving students to be able to receive a basic education. The program is expected to contribute to the development of human resources giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge, and values that they can apply to their lives and mold them to be future leaders. The program comprises giving full or partial scholarships to deserving junior and senior high school students.

The DBYC office is responsible for implementing the program. The office has its own organization. The organization will have its own rules and laws. It will have its set of officers and members.

The organization is in charge of the funds collected and received from the different benefactors. It will regulate the disbursement for easy auditing.

Scholarship grants will be awarded to deserving students. The scholarship grants for the high school will be from grade seven to twelve.

The program aims to:

  1. Provide the youth with quality education guided by service or vocation, faith or vision, self-actualization, growth, or fullness of life, and community.

  2. Give them the opportunity to gain knowledge and values that they can apply to their lives and mold them to be future leaders of their own community so they can impact change and development.









The following fees or charges are not included in the computation for scholarship/grant:

  1. Uniform 2. Book allowance 3. Graduation fee 4. Field trip 5. College Review Center fee


Initial eligibility requirements to be granted a scholarship.

The student must:

  1. Be a resident of Tarlac Province;

  2. Be a consistently high average student in his/her educational years;

  3. Be of good moral character;

  4. Consistently performs his/her duty as a student in terms of attending his classes regularly and punctually, passing all his/her requirements on the set time;

  5. Belong to the poor and marginalized sector of society;

  6. Follow the provision set by the institution, in terms of providing community service and assistance in departments or offices where their services are needed; and,

  7. Must not have any family member who is a current scholar so as to give more families a chance to experience Bosconian education.

Complete admission requirements:

  1. DBYC Scholarship Program Application Form

  2. Birth Certificate

  3. Baptismal Certificate

  4. 4th Quarter Report Card

  5. 2 copies of 2x2 recent picture

  6. Certification of honor/s received (from the School Head)

  7. Letter of intent (by parents — as application letter)

  8. Clear photo of the residence (FULL VIEW of the whole house, PLEASE INCLUDE HOUSE NUMBER) and a kitchen (main and dirty kitchen with the refrigerator in the photo). If residing in a building/ condominium/ apartment, please submit a photo of the whole building.

  9. Proof of income of parents/guardians (latest annual ITR OR/ certificate of employment/ affidavit of source of income stating average monthly earnings or support/ certificate of non-filling of ITR OR/ municipal certificate of non-employment

  10. If applicable, a copy of parents’ Credit Card Billing Statements for the last 2 months


  1. Accomplish the DBYC Scholarship Pre-Application Form here.

  2. Download, accomplish, and submit a printed copy of the DBYC Scholarship Application Form together with all the requirements mentioned above to Mrs. Glenda Del Socurra (School Library/Supplies Office) on/before July 15, 2022.

  3. Follow the official Facebook Page of the Don Bosco Youth Center and watch out for announcements and updates.


Shortlisted applicants will undergo screening and interview by the DBYC Scholarship Screening Committee.


A student who receives a scholarship during the current academic year is automatically evaluated for renewal at the end of the school year.

  1. The scholar should maintain an academic grade of 85% and above in any subject and quarter.

  2. The scholar must consistently perform their duties by attending classes regularly and punctually, passing all their requirements on the set time.

A DBYC scholar should abide by the conditions set by the DBYC office.

  1. Rendering services to the institution is one of their primary duties.

  2. Giving assistance to the different offices is another.

  3. Participating in all of the required programs and activities of the DBYC (e.g. Formation, Fellowship).

  4. Reporting regularly to the DBYC office.

  5. Assisting their co-grantee in their studies through the study period.


  1. Write a letter of intent to renew the scholarship.

  2. Download, accomplish, and submit a printed copy of the DBYC Scholarship Application Form to Mrs. Glenda Del Socurra (School Library/Supplies Office) on/before July 15, 2022.

The following are grounds for non-renewal:

  1. If a student's academic grade is lower than what is in the provision set by the committee.

  2. If a student displays questionable conduct and is not in accordance with what is set by the DBYC office and the institution.

  3. If a student shows absenteeism and fails to comply with the school's policy.

  4. If during the school year, the first quarter, for example, a scholar fails to meet the set provision s/he is given a warning. If s/he has failed in more than 2 quarters s/he will be disqualified from the program, the following School Year.


  • Parents of grantees will be oriented on their responsibility. Parents should follow up with their sons/daughters as regard their studies and their obligation as a member of the DBYC.

  • A regular follow-up of the scholars regarding their performance will be done quarterly.

  • The scholarship program committee will from time to time make a background check on the scholars, and the grantee must notify the committee of any change in name, address, and contact details.


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