"If you believe that this is the will of the Lord, I am ready to come.." - Ven. Margaret Occhiena to Don Bosco’s invitation to assist him in looking after the abandoned youth.

Today is November 25 and we remember her for being a woman of great faith; Don Bosco's first and foremost co-worker; she became the maternal element of the preventive system; she was, without knowing it, a "cofounder" of the Salesian Family. We also pray, in a special manner, for our very own parents and guardians; We pray in a special manner for their representatives - the Parent Council led by Mrs. Ria B. Clemente. Like Mama Margaret may they have a mother’s heart formed by the intense love for the Lord and undying support for their children.

Venerable Margaret Occhiena, pray for us!

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"His natural spirit of initiative was not satisfied merely with carrying out orders but sought new ways." - Fr. Ceria

Today is November 25 and we remember Fr. Pietro Ricaldone for being a man with important intellectual and governing qualities, giving considerable impulse to the spiritual and professional formation of the Salesians, and developing institutes of higher culture. We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 10-Ricaldone and their Class Adviser, Mrs. Leonora P. Atienza. Like Fr. Pietro Ricaldone, may they face everything with their willpower, at the same time, have a heart that is very sensitive towards the afflicted.

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"Be Salesians, be like Don Bosco."

Today is November 23 and we remember Fr. Luigi Ferrari for being a delegate of the provincial of the China Province for the Philippines (1952-1955), and later provincial of the Philippines (1969-1975). We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 11-Ferrari and their Class Adviser, Mr. Royce Jayson R. Ligsay. Like Fr. Luigi Ferrari, may they mature in their advocacy and live the mission began by their predecessors.

#LuigioFerrari #PioneerSalesian #Provincial #ClassPatron #WeRemember


"One can serve God either as a priest or a coadjutor (lay brother), as long as one does so with vocation and love."

Today is November 13 and we remember St. Artemide Zatti for his complete dedication to the sick, an excellent hospital director, and an excellent Christian above all. We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 8-Zatti and their Class Adviser, Mr. Roie R. Sanchez. Like St. Artemide Zatti, may they be accustomed to work and sacrifice and always available for anyone who called for help - especially those who are ill.

Saint Artimide Zatti, pray for us!

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"Fr. Miguel was the moving spirit of the alumni organization." -DBMAAI

Today is November 9 and we remember Fr. Miguel Solaroli or more popularly known as Fr. Miguel for being one of the pioneer Salesians in the Philippines and a pillar of the Past Pupils community. We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 12-Solaroli and their Class Adviser, Ms. Precious Joyce L. Parangan. Like Fr. Miguel Solaroli, may they create an impact in the respective communities they belong to.

Miguel Solaroli, pray for us!

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In this time of pandemic, death becomes a part of our everyday lives. Either a loved one or an acquaintance is called upon by God in their earthly sojourn. Today, we remember them by praying for them and also praying to them, to intercede for us.

Prayer for All Souls’ Day

Holy Souls in Purgatory, we look to you as pilgrims who have traversed this world before us. As you go through your purification, we ask that you remember our intentions.

(Mention your intentions here)

Merciful Father, we ask that You have pity on those who are being purified in Purgatory, especially those:

who stubbornly resisted Your love and turned from You in especially grave ways, but repented and turned to You before the end of their lives;

who repented of their sins only very late in life;

who were weighed down in life by the deadly sin of pride;

who were unable to take joy in gifts given to others because of the deadly sin of envy;

who had a vengeful heart because of the deadly sin of wrath;

who were slow to fulfill Your will for them because of the deadly sin of sloth;

who were discontent in life because of the deadly sin of greed;

who were unsatisfied in life because of the deadly sin of gluttony;

and, who did not look upon their neighbor with dignity and love because of the deadly sin of lust.

Ease their suffering and hasten their purification that they may soon join You and all the saints for eternity in Heaven. Amen

We wish to express our condolences to members of our EPC who recently lost a close family member by praying for them. You may fill up this form: To avoid duplication, you can see the names of those already listed in our database here:

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“Saints are not ‘Supermen’ who are ‘born perfect,’ but rather are ordinary people who followed God ‘with all their heart’.” -Pope Francis

Prayer for All Saints’ Day

Dear God, thank you for the example of the Saints. I desire to join in their company, worshiping you forever in Heaven. Please help me follow their footsteps, and yours, Jesus Christ. Please help me to conform myself to Your image, seeking Your will in all things, as the Saints did. Please help me to devote myself, and all that I do, to Your glory, and to the service of my neighbors. Amen.

All Saints in Heaven, pray for us!

#AllSaintsDay #SaintsAreModels #LetsAimToBeSaints #Holiday #WeRemember


"He was a man of action, above all of interior action. His sole concern was the spiritual formation of souls." -Fr. Cartier

Today is October 29 and we remember Fr. Paolo for continuing his predecessor's policy to increase the number of Salesian houses in the world amidst the difficulties brought about World War I. We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 10-Albera and their Class Adviser, Mr. Jonald D. Botoyan. Like Fr. Paolo Albera, may they grow in holiness growing under the wings of Don Bosco.

Paolo Albera, pray for us!

#PaoloAlbera #SuccessorOfDonBosco #RectorMajor #ClassPatron #WeRemember


"He developed the Saint’s example into a school, his Rule into a spirit, his holiness into a model. He turned the spring into a river." -Pope Paul VI

Today is October 29 and we remember Fr. Michael for being Don Bosco's closest collaborator in all stages of the development of the Salesian Congregation. We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 10-Albera and their Class Adviser, Mr. Gilbert M. Capinpin Jr. Like Bl. Michael Rua, may they be known to be kings and queens of kindness.

Blessed Michael Rua, pray for us!

#PaoloAlbera #SuccessorOfDonBosco #RectorMajor #ClassPatron #WeRemember


"The missionary who prays a lot achieves a lot."

Every October 24 we remember him for being firm, temperate, and with a spirit of sacrifice. He was always distinguished for his great faith strengthened by popular piety, a faith alive for its closeness to the poor and simple. We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 7-Guanella and their Class Adviser, Ms. Maria Precious Christine D. Saplan, through the intercession prayer to Saint Louis Guanella: Lord Jesus, you came down to earth to bring us the love of the Father and to be the support and comfort to the lowly and the afflicted, we give you thanks for the gift of your faithful servant, Saint Louis Guanella, wonderful reflection of God’s love.

May the example of his holiness shine throughout the world for the glory of God the Father and the rescue of those in need. Through his intercession, bestow upon us the grace we are asking for... Grant us to be able to imitate his virtues: his ardent devotion to the Eucharist, his serene trust in Divine Providence, his tender charity with the poorest, his passionate pastoral care for your people, so that we may receive, along with him, the eternal joy you have prepared for us in the house of the Father. Amen. Saint Louis Guanella, pray for us!

#SaintLouisGuanella #PriestForTheYoungAndThePoor #FounderOfCongregations #ClassPatron #WeRemember


"I will try to make myself a Saint."

Today is October 23 and we remember him for leaving an indelible mark on his numerous past pupils in the Pontificial Salesian Athenaeum and his interiority and his Salesian kindness in taking care of World War II orphans, and his success in defending the dogmatic definability of the Assumption of Mary into heaven which made him famous in the Church and in the Congregation. We also pray, in a special manner, for the class of 8-Quadrio and their Class Adviser, Ms. Mary Kate Niña S. Lozañes, through the intercession prayer to Venerable Joseph Quadrio:

O Holy Spirit, through the intervention of the Virgin Help of Christians you inspired Fr Joseph Quadrio with the effective aim of becoming a saint at Don Bosco's school and you made him a model of the priest and teacher. Let his example and his teaching attract many young people to religious and apostolic life, and as we ask that he be glorified, grant us the grace we ask of you, through his intercession. Venerable Joseph Quadrio, pray for us!

#VenerableJosephQuadrio #SalesianTheologian #DogmaOfTheAssumptionOfMary #ClassPatron #WeRemember


"I have no other purpose than to give glory to God and save souls."

Best known as Blessed Alexandrina of Balazar, she was a Portuguese mystic and victim soul and a member of the Association of Salesian Cooperators. Alexandrina left many written works, which have been studied mainly in Italy by Father Umberto Pasquale. On April 25, 2004, she was declared blessed by Pope John Paul II who stated that "her secret to holiness was love for Christ." May she become a model for us in loving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

#Blessed #Mystic #SalesianCooperator


"To always be close to Jesus, that is my life plan."

Blessed Carlo Acutis is someone who, like most Bosconians, builds websites, writes books, and loved video games. This holy young man died only at the age of fifteen from leukemia. In such a short life, he did so much to share his special devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist using modern technology. Many who knew him during his lifetime grew closer to Christ because of his witness of faith. May Blessed Carlo Acutis be for us a model of holiness in this modern time. May his example of holiness lead us to sanctity.

#Blessed #Teenager #Gamer #Programmer