Don Bosco Tarlac shall adopt DO 39, s.2022, entitled, “Health and Safety Protocols in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic” which stipulates precautionary measures that ensure the safety, security, and health of learners, teachers, and school staff. These supplemental measures are founded on sound infection prevention practices and on mutual trust between the Don Bosco Tarlac and its Educative Pastoral Community. Read DO 39 s. 2022 here.

Students/pupils and Lay Mission Partners are required to bring their Personal Protective Equipment:

  1. Face Mask

  2. Alcohol Spray

  3. Tissue Roll/Tissue Paper

  4. Plastic for sanitary trash


Everyone entering the campus should abide by the following guidelines to ensure safety.

  1. Everyone should wear their face masks at all times.

  2. Everyone should sanitize their hands. Handwashing sinks and soaps are made available.

  3. Everyone should submit themselves to temperature scanning.

    • If one's temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius, he/she should proceed to the next step.

    • If one's temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, he/she should call the attention of the guard or safety personnel.

  4. Everyone should subject themselves to contact tracing.

    • For a quicker process, one should present his/her StaySafePH QR code for scanning. Make sure that prior health check has been done before leaving home.

    • Those without StaySafePH QR codes, should fill out the health declaration form and drop it in the designated drop boxes.

  5. Parents/visitors/guests should declare their purpose, present their valid IDs, and secure and wear their visitor's pass.

  6. Students/pupils scheduled for assembly will fall in line at the gym in their designated areas. Those who are not scheduled for assembly will fall in line outside their classroom and will wait for their respective advisers before entering their classroom.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – these three 'R' words are an important part of sustainable living, as they help to cut down on the amount of waste we have to throw away.

  1. Reduce the amount of waste you produce.

  2. Reuse items as much as you can before replacing them.

  3. Recycle items wherever possible.

Using the 3 'R's also helps to minimize the amount of space needed for landfill sites, where waste materials are disposed of.

CLAYGO or “Clean as you go” is a practice commonly observed in some fast food chains and other public places to minimize risks to hygiene, health, and safety. This method encourages all of us to make cleaning a part of our daily routine. From the surfaces, tables and/or other equipment, we need to ensure that these are clean, hygienic, and clutter-free.

More than being obsessed with cleanliness, this practice is our little way of showing how we care for our environment. Instead of relying entirely on maintenance personnel, we should at least make an effort on cleaning up our own mess.

  • Air purifiers with HEPA filters will be turned on 15 minutes before the entry of students/pupils into the classroom each day.

  • Students/pupils should sanitize their hands, and desks at the beginning of each class period. Teachers will make this part of their routine.

  • Students/pupils are to stay in their places at all times. Switching of places/seats is strictly prohibited. If one needs to go to the restroom, one asks permission by raising a hand. Strictly one person at a time.


  1. The campus is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance.

  2. Parents and guardians are only allowed to stay at the designated waiting areas. Only those with official business can go inside.

  3. Students and Lay Mission Partners should wear their IDs at all times. Visitors and guests should present their IDs and secure a visitor's pass when entering the campus.

  4. Enter only at your designated entry gates and exit only at your designated exit gates.

  5. In Case of an Emergency (ICE) contact details should be submitted to the class advisers.

  6. Inform advisers of your child's official designated fetcher.

  7. Belongings and valuables should be properly secured and labeled. Students should surrender their gadgets to their respective Prefect of Disciplines (POD). Large amounts of money should not be brought to school. For those bringing large amounts for payments, please do your transactions before the morning break. The wearing of flashy pieces of jewelry and accessories is highly discouraged.

  8. Classrooms should be vacated and locked during break times except for Primary students.

  9. Food deliveries and leaving of lunch boxes at the guardhouse are prohibited.

  10. The campus should be vacated for disinfection and sanitization at 5:00 PM.