DBTI believes in the prime importance of these four as our core values, as individuals, and as an institution. 

PRAYER... to be in union with God. 

“Our faith, we learn, love and live.” 

CHARACTER... to become a person of will and worth. 

“Never a perfect man but forever trying to be one.” 

EXCELLENCE... to give the best that one can.  

“We strive to outdo no one else but oneself.” 

SERVICE... to lead others to total development. 

“Contributing to progress is our measure of success.” 

I am a Bosconian... a man of PRAYER 

I love my God and live my faith. 

I am a Bosconian... a man of CHARACTER 

I fight for what is good and right. 

I am a Bosconian... a man of EXCELLENCE 

I give my best in all I do.

 I am a Bosconian... a man of SERVICE

 I live and serve with holy joy.

 I am a Bosconian... in word and in deed, indeed!