Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

NOVEMBER 20, 2022 - CLASS OF 1984

DBTI Class of 1984 sponsors the holy mass to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. The celebration is in honor of Jesus Christ as lord over all creations. Viva Don Bosco!


NOVEMBER 13, 2022 - CLASS OF 1974

Don Bosco Tarlac Class of 1974 Sponsors a Holy Mass

In today's gospel, Jesus who is our hope reminds us that no matter our difficulties, God is present with us all. Commendation goes to DB 74 headed by Sir Allan Angeles for spearheading this remarkable action of serving the holy mass.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

NOVEMBER 6, 2022 - CLASS OF 2002

What a way to celebrate their 20 years as alumni of Don Bosco Technical Institute of Tarlac than to sponsor and serve the Eucharistic mass at the DBTI Chapel. The gesture of making time for this remarkable service to our alma mater deserves recognition and praise. Kudos to DB 2002 for going back to where it all started.

OCTOBER 30, 2022 - CLASS OF 1985

DBTI Batch 85 Sponsoring a Sunday Mass

The batch that prays, eats, and laughs together will most likely do the same, even if they get older. DBAPNF President Pipo Soliman together with his batch 85 classmates, served and sponsors the Sunday Mass at the DBTI Tarlac chapel.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

OCTOBER 16, 2022 - CLASS OF 1986

The batch that prays together stays together. Commendation to DBTI Tarlac Class of 1986 for sponsoring and serving the Holy Mass last August 16, 2022. Viva Don Bosco!

OCTOBER 9, 2022 - CLASS OF 1977

The Lord has revealed to the nations his saving power. A time when we really need to realize how God moves in mysterious ways.

Kudos to DBTI Class of 1977 for finding time to go back to their alma mater to serve and sponsor the Holy Mass.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 - CLASS OF 2020

Despite the bad weather condition, DB 2020 showed up not just to brave the storm but to joyfully serve and sponsor today's eucharistic mass. Keep it up young alumni of Don Bosco Tarlac.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 - CLASS OF 1999

A commendable gesture was exhibited by Don Bosco Tarlac Class of 1999 for echoing what St. John Bosco said "We should do our ordinary duties extraordinarily well. DB99 served with their own music ministry, they have multiple batchmates, who lined up to joyfully bring their mass offerings and completed the mass servers line-up. And they also have their loved ones hearing the eucharistic mass.

Photo credits to Maiko Toldanes and Dennis Bonifacio.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2022 - CLASS OF 1992

Kudos to DBTI Class of 1992 headed by their Batch President, Engr. Michael "Mico" David for securing another DBYC Scholar. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire other Bosconian batches.

AUGUST 28, 2022 - CLASS OF 1993

Let us commend DBTI class of 1993 for dedicating their time in sponsoring the eucharistic mass. This unselfish practice should be replicated and followed by other batches.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

AUGUST 14, 2022 - CLASS OF 1998

Nakapag misa na, nakapag serve pa sa holy mass. Kudos to DBTI Class of 1998 for sponsoring today's holy mass. Viva Don Bosco!!!

We are inviting other batches to do the same thing. No amount of money is required when sponsoring the holy mass.

Feel free to send a message to DBTPPA Board Secretary Dennis Bonifacio for inquiries.

AUGUST 7, 2022 - CLASS OF 1990

The DBTI Class of 1990 unselfishly dedicated their time serving the Holy Mass at the DBTI Chapel. It was also celebrated with their family members.



Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.

Photo credits to Ryan Gonzales.

JULY 10, 2022 - CLASS OF 2003

Another batch responded to the calling of serving the Holy Mass. Thank you to the Class of 2003 for spending your precious time doing the holy mass. More blessings to come. Viva Don Bosco!

JULY 3, 2022 - CLASS OF 1979

Thank you to DBTI Class of 1979 for sponsoring July 3, 2022 Holy Mass. We hope you continue to be inspire the young alumni of DBTI Tarlac to be selfless and committed in serving the community following the teachings of St. John Bosco.

Photo credits to Dennis Bonifacio.