1. Love for God

  • approaches the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist frequently;

  • remains conscious of the presence of God and acts accordingly;

  • finds time for personal prayer, scriptural reflection, and spiritual formation.

  1. Love for Mary

  • celebrates Marian feasts and manifests special devotion to Mary Help of Christians;

  • prays the rosary;

  • imitates her virtues like docility to God’s will and purity among others.

  1. Love for the Church

  • is faithful to the Holy Father by following the teachings of the Church;

  • participates actively in the various pastoral activities of the parish, especially those involving the youth;

  • helps build up one’s family into an authentic domestic church.

  1. Love for Don Bosco

    • deepens one’s knowledge about the life and mission of St. John Bosco;

    • manifests appreciation for the mission of Don Bosco and contributes in time to its sustenance;

    • takes pride in carrying our Father’s name... “I am a Bosconian”.


  1. Love for Country

    • takes pride in being Filipino by knowing, speaking well, and practicing one’s heritage and culture;

    • patronizes Filipino products;

    • adheres to the laws of the land and shows a good example to others.

  2. Advocacy for Justice and Peace

    • empathizes with the marginalized of the community and initiates/participates in projects for their development;

    • engages oneself in movements/activities that address social and political issues in a peaceful way.

  3. Care for the Environment

    • keeps oneself abreast of environmental issues and concerns;

    • observes a clean and healthy environment;

    • initiates/participates in environmental projects that optimizes the use of available resources, recycles waste and garbage materials, etc.


  1. Passion for Doing Ordinary Duties Extraordinarily Well

    • plans, executes, completes, and evaluates tasks with minimal supervision;

    • exhibits initiatives and flexibility to fulfill a given task;

    • shows positive attitudes for studies and work, perseverance, and determination.

  2. Passion for Lifelong Learning

    • keeps oneself abreast of the current trends and issues;

    • enhances one’s God-given gifts/talents;

    • adapts to possibilities and challenges.

  3. Passion for Critical and Creative Thinking

    • makes sound decisions even under pressure;

    • connects past experiences to the present and the likely consequences of a decision for the future;

    • shows creativity in solving problems and in applying knowledge and skills to new situations.


  1. Commitment for Collaboration and Productive Team-Building

    • listens to others and shares one’s ideas and opinions;

    • cooperates and works harmoniously with others for the common good;

    • volunteers oneself and shares one’s talents, time, and resources.

  2. Commitment for Responsible Stewardship

    • empowers others by providing opportunities for them to develop their potential;

    • has a clear grasp of the school’s vision-mission; initiates efforts for its attainment; and motivates the group towards this end;

    • networks with other youth groups or organizations for mutual growth.


  1. Positive Self-image

    • presents a wholesome bearing and lives a healthy lifestyle; exhibits good manners and refined taste;

    • expresses himself with ease and confidence.

  2. Healthy Inter-Personal Relationships

    • respects individual differences and shows gender sensitivity;

    • appreciates the good works of others and expresses gratitude;

    • gives fraternal corrections and is likewise open to friendly advice.

  3. Positive Perspective in Life

    • participates in worthwhile activities enthusiastically and cheerfully;

    • seeks significant meaning in life for a purposeful and cheerful living;

    • shows the capability to face challenges and overcome difficulties in life.


  1. Technical Competence

    • manifests advanced technological knowledge and skills;

    • keeps oneself informed about the latest technology;

    • initiates technological innovation

  2. Responsible Use of Technology

    • manifests self-mastery and practices ethical norms in the use of media

    • demonstrates media literacy;

    • uses technical and entrepreneurial skills to uplift the socio economic conditions of the community.