Traffic Scheme coming from MacArthur Highway via McDonalds / Metrotown Mall

This is the best route if you are coming from the North (Victoria, Gerona, Paniqui, Moncada, etc.), the East (Lapaz, Zaragoza, etc.), the South (Capas, Bamban, Concepcion).

From MacArthur Highway, you may turn left and enter the parking entrance gate to drop off your child or park your vehicle. There's a security guard stationed there to guide you during reporting and dismissal time. Upon entering keep left. Right lane is for drop-and-go while the left lane leads to the parking area and exit gate.

The Savio (Kinder) Gate is exclusively for Nursery, Kinder, Grade 1 & 2 students when entering and for Nursery up to Grade 6 when exiting.

The Balloco (Gym) Gate is for Grades 3-12 students and Lay Mission Partners when entering and for High School and Lay Mission Partners when exiting. Visitors and guests with parked vehicles are also advised to enter through this gate by logging-in and securing a visitor's pass.

The exit is through the parking exit gate (in front of Santo Cristo Barangay Hall) and proceed towards MacArthur Highway. Strictly no left turn (Juan Luna St. going to MH Del Pilar St.).

This option is only available/allowed at the parking entrance gate:

This signage is posted at the exit gate to remind motorists that available exit is only through MacArthur Highway.

This signage is posted at the exit gate to remind motorists not to enter through this gate to avoid blocking outgoing traffic.

Coming from MacArhtur Highway, it is a No Left Turn towards Salazar St. It is best to enter through the parking entrance gate. Should you insist in using the main gate, go straight towards MH Del Pilar St. then turn right heading to Jelexie Bakeshop and make another right to Ancheta St. Turn right towards Seranno St. and turn left towards Juan Luna St. Now, you can make a right turn towards Salazar St. and use the main gate for drop-and-go.