Traffic Scheme coming from MacArthur Highway via Ligtasan

This is the best route if you are coming from the South (Capas, Bamban, Concepcion) or from the following Tarlac City Barangays: San Sebastian, San Rafael, San Miguel, etc.

You'll know you made the correct turn when you see the Barangay Hall of Ligtasan. Continue straight.

At the end of the road is a right turn. Turn right cautiously as it is a blind curve.

Upon reaching this narrow street which is an extension of Salazar St., head straight and avoid taking a left turn on the first road you see on the left as it is a one-way street. Turn left at the end of this road.

You may drop off your child here and let him walk towards the main gate. We advise this only for high school students since they will be walking on the street. Turn left towards Hilario St. to exit. This is a no parking zone and a no right turn road, violators will be apprehended by the Barangay or the Public and Safety Office (POSO-TMG).

Again, exit is towards Hilario St. where you can turn left to go back to MacArhtur Highway or turn right to go to MH Del Pilar St.